Bored Of Baingan Ka Bharta? This Traditional Baingan Bhurji Recipe Will Be A Good Change


Don’t get us wrong. We know most of you love baingan ka bharta and it is a favourite of many. But just for the sake of having baingan in a different way with a different flavour profile, we thought of trying baingan bhurji. If paneer bhurji and anda bhurji can win our hearts, why not give baingan also a chance? As it turned out, baingan bhurji is quite a remarkable dish that can give a close competition to our beloved baingan ka bharta. Don’t believe us? You need to try it out first and then agree with us. 

In fact, baingan bhurji might have existed way before people discovered the recipe of baingan ka bharta. Rural areas still make this traditional bhurji with baingan and swear by its taste.  

Difference between baingan bharta and baingan bhurji: 

While baingan bharta is super mushy and juicy, baingan bhurji is a little crispier and drier. 

Baingan bharta is made with roasted or boiled baingan, whereas baingan bhurji uses simple grated brinjal. 

Actually, baingan bhurji is easier to make as it doesn’t require the extra step of roasting baingan and then waiting for it to cool down.  

Want to try it out? Get hold our easy recipe. 

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Baingan bhurji recipe is a must-try. 

Baingan Bhurji Recipe I How To Make Traditional Baingan Bhurji At Home 

Click here to see the easy and simple to follow recipe of baingan bhurji. 

You’ll be happy to find similarities in the recipes of bharta and bhurji. Both the dishes are cooked in a pool of chopped onions and tomatoes, seasoned with common spices. However, the traditional method of cooking baingan bhurji required freshly crushed whole spices, which is believed to impart more robust flavours of the spices. Whole red chillies instead of chilli powder and whole coriander seeds instead of its powdered form are used and crushed right before cooking this delicious traditional Indian sabzi. Also ginger and garlic are crushed to a fine paste. So, don’t be in a haste to reach out for the store-bought paste lying in your kitchen. 

Have baingan at home? Make this recipe without giving it a second thought.  

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